Tuberculosis Program

The East Shore District Health Department works collaboratively with the Connecticut TB Control Program whose mission it is to interrupt and prevent transmission of TB, prevent emergence of drug resistant TB and reduce death, disability, illness, emotional trauma, family disruption, and social stigma caused by tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis (TB) is a potentially fatal disease caused by a bacterium. It is spread from person to person through respiratory droplets. TB is fully treatable and preventable. Although anyone can get TB, it particularly affects persons living in crowded conditions and in poverty (e.g., homeless) and persons who have HIV infection (e.g., injection drug users), people who are contacts of a person with TB disease, people born in countries where TB is prevalent and people with medical conditions such as diabetes and certain types of cancer.

The Health Department works collaboratively with DPH and physicians to conduct surveillance for TB disease and latent TB infection. The Public Health Nurse conducts case interviews, education, provides screening, treatment and containment activities.

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Call the East Shore District Health Department at (203) 481-4233 for more information.