Cosmetology Program

Cosmetology and Tattoo Parlor Permit Application, and Plan Review Application forms are available online (click below) and at the Health District office.

Cosmetology Forms

What are the requirements for opening a new hair or nail salon, tattoo or a massage establishment?
The first step in obtaining a permit to operate a hair or nail salon, tattoo or a massage establishment is submitting the application packet for plan review. A plan review is required for all new establishments, as well as those who'd like to make renovations. Packets are available both at the ESDHD office and online. The packet must be filled out completely and submitted along with equipment specifications, a floor plan and the corresponding fee. The plan review approval can be taken to the Building Department in order to obtain a building permit, if necessary.
Once the hair, nail, tattoo or massage establishment has been set up, an operator must apply for a permit to operate. Applications to obtain a permit are also available in the ESDHD office or online. Applications must be filled out completely and be authorized by Zoning, Building and Fire officials. Any operator performing services that require a State of Connecticut license must also provide documentation of such. Once the application and pertinent fees are received, your establishment will be inspected and permitted. Please note that station renters must obtain a separate permit in order to operate. Permits are not transferable. New owners/operators must obtain a new permit prior to operating or relocating. Permits are valid from the date of issue and must be renewed annually on March 1.
Please contact our office with any additional questions.