How do I locate my Septic System?

One of the easiest ways to locate a septic system is to ask the current owner, a neighbor, or a local licensed septic pumper/cleaner, You can also call the East Shore District Health Department at 203-481-4233, and ask to look at the premise (property) file, which holds information on the property. However, the health department does not have information on every property in our district. If there is no premise file or little information is available, this may indicate that the property is:

  • An older property (>35 years old)
  • Work was done without permits
  • The property has a municipal sewer connection

If you still cannot locate the septic tank, you can hire a licensed installer or septic cleaner who can use one of these methods (other options may also work):

  • Check the basement discharge pipe to determine the direction of the general area.
  • Use an insulated probe inserted into the soil to locate the buried piping and septic tank
  • Electronically locate septic tank. Some licensed installers use an electronic device (mouse) to flush down the toilet. If the plumbing is properly connected, the electronic device should discharge into the septic tank/ cesspool, which should be uncovered, pumped and inspected
  • At the foundation, dig down to the pipe, and trace it out to the tank