Guide for Temporary Food Operators

When would I need a Temporary Food Service License?

The health district requires temporary licenses any time food is being offered to the public including: events such as festivals, fairs, and special events.

How do I go about acquiring a Temporary Food Service License?
Each food booth must obtain a license from the East Shore District Health Department (ESDHD). In order to obtain the license, the event coordinator or designated food booth operator, in whose name the license will be issued, must:

1. Download a Temporary Food Service License Application, or contact ESDHD to obtain an application and information packet. IMPORTANT: All applications for temporary licenses must be submitted at least 14 calendar days prior to the event! Applications submitted less than 14 calendar days prior to the event may not be accepted. If the application is accepted, double the amount of the customary application fee will be charged to late applicants.

2. Complete the application and provide any additional information that has been requested. A completed application consists of: 1. Application form 2. Menu list 3. Sketch of booth layout 4. Sources of foods 5. Consultation fee payment If out of town caterers are preparing food for your event, you will be required to provide copies of their current license.

3. Call ESDHD to schedule an application review. An education session with one of the sanitarians may be required. This meeting must be scheduled at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the event, preferably at the time you submit your application. Time frames may be waived at the discretion of the Director of Health.

INSPECTIONS: The sanitarian may require an inspection of your food booth prior to licensing. The requirement to inspect will be based on such food safety risk factors as: 1. Foods prepared from raw potentially hazardous ingredients 2. Degree of preparation and cooking involved in making the foods 3. Length of time and attendance/size of event 4. Overall complexity of menu. If your booth needs to be inspected, the sanitarian will arrange with you to inspect and license at the booth, usually on the day of the event. An additional inspection fee will have to be paid. Consult with the Sanitarian or office staff on fee schedule. Communication is very important to ensure that the application process goes smoothly. The designated food booth operator must be someone who will be actively involved in the preparation of food that will be served, such as the head chef or shift supervisor. Someone with previous commercial food service experience is preferred. This person will act as the liaison between the food handlers and the health department and will be responsible for making sure that the proper procedures are understood and followed.