Shoreline Regional Pump-Out Boat

Since 2000, the Health District has administered a Federal Clean Vessel Act grant funded through the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. The grant provides operating funds for the Branford Sewage Pump-Out Boat. This project is a partnership between the Health District, the Town of Branford and the Branford River Project. The boat operates weekends from May through September. Any recreational vessel using Branford waters from the Guilford line to the Farm River may have their vessel's waste holding tank pumped.

Recently, the Town of Branford and East Shore District Health Department have contracted with Coastal Tide Marine Services to run the operations of the Pump-out boat service. Coastal Tide Marine Services of Southeastern Connecticut is a non-profit public charity dedicated to keeping our local waters clean. This has allowed for more hours and availability for boaters to pump the sewage from their boats.

Boaters are still able to contact the pump-out boat by calling the service at 203-430-9305, or VHF Channel 9 and now they can also set up their pump-out service online at

Please contact Brianna Weller ( with any questions or concerns!

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