The East Shore District Health Department entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Connecticut Department of Agriculture and the Town of Branford to assist in regulating the taking of shellfish by commercial and recreational harvesters. In Branford, the health district carries out the primary task of declaring shellfish bed status at any given time. Branford has both commercial and recreational shellfish beds under varying classifications. The town also has a shellfish commission which helps administer the program.

Recreational shellfishing is allowed by permit only. Permits and information are available from the Branford Town Clerk's Office. There is also a shellfish hotline which announces the status of beds in Branford. The hotline is part of the town of Branford Information hotline at (203) 315-3909.

East Haven has commercial shellfish beds under various classifications regarding harvest. No recreational shellfishing is allowed along the immediate coastline of East Haven. Please check the shellfishing maps for classification types. Maps are available at the health district office or from the Agriculture Department in Milford. Classification is dependent on water quality and the effect of rainfall storm runoff on water quality.