What do I need to know to install or repair a well?

Well Permit
If your house is served by private well water supply, the location would have been shown on your approved lot development plan. Your well driller is responsible for obtaining a well drilling permit to construct the well. Once the well is constructed the installer must also submit a well completion report to the Health District. We recommend that the well not be drilled until the septic system is installed, but this is not required. What are the Private Well Regulations ? (CT Public Health Code Sec.19-13-B101)
The well must have a sealed well cap minimum 6" above finished grade for new wells;
It is recommended that existing wells be modified to bring the cap a minimum of 6" above grade.
The well must be located 75' away from the septic or any source of pollution and 25' to drains or water bodies.
The ESDHD must approve all private water supplies prior to use by the homeowner.
The water from all private water supply wells must be sampled by a qualified individual, tested by a certified lab, and the results must be reviewed and approved by the local health department prior to issuance of a certificate of approval.
A well completion report must be submitted to the local health department for review and approval.

Well Testing
A newly installed, well and plumbing must be disinfected through a chlorination process. Your well driller is responsible for this. After disinfection and a brief waiting period, the well must be sampled by a certified individual and tested by a state certified laboratory. Your lab will give you a well water analysis document. The document must have an original signature from the lab director. The ESDHD must be provided an original copy of the lab report, not a copy, unless it is also signed in ink by the lab director.

The location, construction and testing of your well are regulated by Section 25-126 through 25-137 of the Connecticut General Statutes, Section 19-13-B51 of the State Public Health Code, and local regulations. Two requirements of these sections are: It is the owner's responsibility to obtain the required analysis and to furnish the results to the local health department. Until our department receives both documents as stated above, NO CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY CAN BE GRANTED FOR YOUR NEW HOUSE.

NOTE: Only original signed laboratory reports will be accepted. Faxed copies are not acceptable.

ESDHD recommends homeowners have the well sampled at least once a year for bacteria, and every 5 years for chemicals, or if any change in odor, taste, or color.