Well Water

Some business and homeowners rely on private well water supplies for drinking and domestic water. Therefore, they own their water supply, and with ownership, comes a responsibility to manage and maintain the supply, more so than many other utilities.

Unfortunately, many property owners take their own water supply for granted and do not pay enough attention to the supply until a problem occurs, usually related to the amount or quality of the water. In many instances the lack of attention can result in serious water quality problems that could be difficult to correct.

The Health District approves the use, location, and construction of new drinking water wells. In many instances, Some instances require involvement by the Connecticut Department of Public Health's Drinking Water Section in approval of wells not considered private. A review of the proposed new well location will determine if there are no known potential pollution sources nearby that can have a negative impact on the water quality. Any new well also cannot be used until the Director of Health approves of the well's use after water quality testing deems the water satisfactory and the well driller needs permits and completion reports.

Well construction is primarily spelled out in what is referred to as the Well Driller's Code and sections of the CT Public Health Code. We recommend all well caps be located above grade.

The Connecticut Public Health Code does not allow the Director of Health to issue a permit to drill or construct a new well water supply when the property to be served is within 200 feet on the street right of way to a public water supply. Please consult with the ESDHD and the Town Engineer as well as the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority as to the availability of public water.

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