West Nile Virus

Read a letter from the Health Director concerning West Nile Virus and Mosquito Control.

Please visit our Homeowner Prevention Tips for dealing with West Nile Virus and Mosquitos.

East Shore Health District Mosquito Info Line: (203) 481-4233 X8
Downloadable form: Request for Mosquito Habitat Evaluation

Some companies and agencies with websites to explore mosquito control products and services and efforts are listed below:

March Biological, Sherwood Oregon www.marchbiological.com
Clarke Mosquito Control, Roselle, Ill. www.clarkemosquito.com
Mosquito Magnet www.mosquitomagnet.com
MKS-H mosquito killing system www.epar.mosquito.com
American Mosquito Control Assoc. www.mosquito.org
Northeastern Mosq. Control Assoc. www.nmca.org
CT Dept. of Environmental Prot. (DEP) www.dep.state.ct.us
CT Agricultural Exp. Station, (CAES) www.caes.state.ct.us
CT Dept of Public Health, (DPH) www.dph.state.ct.us
Nat. Centers for Disease Control, (CDC) www.cdc.gov
Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) www.epa.gov

Recall Updates!
Check here for products that have been recalled.

Most Requested Forms

For prices and fees related to permits and processing applications, please refer to the ESDHD Fee Schedule.

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